Two Sides of the Same Piece

Just because she's your side piece doesn't mean she can't make peace with your main piece.


Think Twice Before You F Up Your Life

The grundle and the 'gina ain't always sweeter on the other side.

E-rotic Pleasures

Make the Most of Your Long Distance Relationship Right Now

The pandemic has put the brakes on any travel plans to meet with your long distance lover. But is that really such a bad thing?

Sex Toys

How to Recycle Your Sex Toys, Condoms, and More

Whatever you do, do NOT flush your condoms down the toilet... And don't flush your old vibrators either, for that matter.

E-rotic Pleasures

Could Instagram Ads Take Our Small Business to the Next Level?

As independent business owners who have migrated from RL to digital due to the looming pandemic, we've found ourselves growing ever curious about digital advertising opportunities.