About Chic Sex Shop

As a sexual wellness distributor owned and operated by independent women, we are seeking to spread education, empowerment, and luxury throughout the industry.

As a brand, it is our goal to reduce the stigma surrounding sex and promote more open, candid, and genuine discussions around the globe.

For as human as the sexual wellness industry is, it is entirely lacking a sense of humanity. We want to put an end to the idea of self pleasure and toys as taboos while simultaneously ending the days of cheesy, vulgar late-night infomercials.

Throughout our shop, you will find a wide array of sex toys and accessories to satiety the appetite of every type of lover. Our products range from luxury vibrators to pocket pussies; from high-quality, water-based lubes to fine, kinky lingerie – and that hardly scratches the surface of our inventory.

On our blog, we offer the same level of variety, publishing dildo reviews, advice from our team of “sexperts,” and the hottest trends to try out in the bedroom on a weekly basis.

Chic Sex Shop is honored to take part in your personal sexploration and encourages you to embrace pleasure in every aspect of your life. You are worth it. We’re delighted to see so many individuals share in our core values, as well.