Bringing in the New Year with a BANG!

New year, new you, and perhaps even a new lover. In any case, it’s time for you to trade up your ole reliable, trusty-rusty sex toy with something sleek, discrete, and new.

And your spank bank’s probably in need of a makeover, too.

“Manage finances better” and “eat healthier” are tied for the most common New Year’s resolutions among Americans, Statista reports.

Other common resolutions include:

  • “Be more active” (50 percent)
  • “Lose weight” (42 percent)
  • “Improve mental well-being” (38 percent)
  • “Improving social connections” (30 percent)
  • “Learn a new skill” (22 percent)
  • “Be more eco-friendly” (22 percent)

While these are all fine and dandy, there’s arguably no resolution more important than keeping that sexual spark alive.

After all, your sexual wellness is a vital component to your overall wellness.

The Sexiest New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Lover

If Tom, Dick, and Harry aren’t doing it for you, maybe it’s time to take Mary, Jennifer, or Linda for a spin.

Listen, all we’re saying is let your borders down and lock eyes with the horizon. You never know who might be your New Year’s kiss next year, so keep an open mind.

Just make sure you stay safe and protected — and no, we don’t just mean with condoms (though that’s important, too).

The pandemic is still raging on and it could easily be spread through sexual activity or even dating.

If you do plan on meeting someone new, make sure to social distance and quarantine before letting each other into your inner circles.

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New Year, New Toys

If you intend on riding solo this year, you’re going to need some new sex toys to replace the ones you wore down to the wire during the first wave of lockdowns.

And if you do have a new flame burning bright, you ought to shop together and cum prepared. Chic Sex Shop has everything you need, from chains and anal beads to dildos and pocket pussies.

We also carry top-quality lubricants that’ll ensure a smooth glide every time. You may think you’ve got an ocean buried between your legs, but an extra splash of lube will really ensure your partner drowns down there.

Plus, sex toys offer a safe and easy way to explore your sexuality without having to get messy with someone else.

New Year, New Positions

If missionary has been your go-to for the last decade or more, it’s time to deploy some new moves. Into riding, cowgirl? Give it a reverse.

Enjoy a nice pounding on a rainy afternoon? Try plugging a different hole.

We know it’s difficult to get creative with your positions when you’ve been doing the dirty the same way for so long.

That’s why we offer a variety of different themed Karma Sutra books, with titles such as “Penis Genius,” “Orgasm,” “Tantric Sex,” and “Do You Dare?” lining our virtual shelves.

New Year, New Do

Nobody said the curtains have to match the drapes, so why not go bold and dye your pubes a new, funky hue?

Betty Beauty is a brand that specializes in dye specifically crafted for safely coloring your pubic hair.

In addition to your plane-Jane browns, blondes, and blacks, Betty Beauty has some eye-popping shades such as:

While you’re at it, you could give your forbidden jungle a bit of hedge trimming, especially if your no-shave November has dragged on an extra few weeks.

Or let it grow to the floor! It’s your body, your pubes, your preference!

New Year, New Kinks

Sick of the same old fetishes and fantasies? Who isn’t! Be bold this year and try out some new kinks.

If you’re typically the dom, try taking on the role of sub. Got daddy or mommy issues? Fill the void by calling your lover daddy or mommy!

In Conclusion

As we turn over a new chapter this year, it’s time to rewrite your sex life. Tear out the pages of bleak, seven-minute sessions and repetitive humping motions.

Now is your time to shine on like the baddie that you are. Trade up your lover, trade up your toys, try out new positions, give your pubes a make-over, and get hooked on some new kinks.

And don’t forget, Chic Sex Shop has your back throughout the entirety of your sexual reawakening.

Bring in the New Year with some NEW SEX TOYS!
Head on over to Chic Sex Shop for all of the erotic toys, tools, and apparel to bring your stroke game from meek and weak to freak in the sheets!

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