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Make the Most of Your Long Distance Relationship Right Now

The pandemic has put the brakes on any travel plans to meet with your long distance lover. But is that really such a bad thing?

The Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

As 21-year-old college student and YouTube sensation Nicole Rafiee — a.k.a. “Nikki Nasty” — explained in a recent episode of her podcast, being in a long distance relationship gives you the chance to “test the waters” first.

For example, she mentions how if you break up, you won’t have to worry about running in to each other or fracturing the friend group.

Chances are you’ll form a more intimate connection and truly get to know one another, too. Without the ability to physically be together, being apart forces you to rely on texting, calling, FaceTiming, social media — the whole digital age kit and caboodle.

When your entire relationship is founded upon communicating to keep the spark alive, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll both become more communicative partners.

Hell, you’ll probably even become a bit more creative, too. After all, it takes a bit of elbow grease to work around the limitations of texting to send a message that really feels expressive.

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Make the Most of Your Long Distance Relationship

Instead of throwing a Zoom-call pity party with each other, revel in the benefits of having some space… Even if that space is a few hundred miles.

Embrace Your Solitude

Learn to love yourself just as much — or better yet, more — than your partner. Focus on you, boo. Having some room to breathe gives you both the space you need to fully explore yourselves.

Indulge in your hobbies, blast your favorite music, enjoy working distraction-free, and give yourself spa-days often. This might be your only chance to be alone together. Don’t let it go to waste!

Get Creative with Your Virtual Dates

Bored of Netflix and chilling over your FaceTime video that keeps cutting in and out because one (or both) of you has a WiFi plan that dates back to 2004? Then get creative with your virtual dates (and consider upgrading your internet, too… Seriously. A bad internet connection is terrible for your virtual sex life).

For example, you could do crafts with one another over the phone or attempt to bake the same recipe at the same time. You could do some gardening together or read a book to each other, too.

Additionally, you could find some simple browser-based games to play together.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with one another. Think outside of the box!

Spice it Up

There’s something truly beautiful about the art and intimacy of virtual rendezvous. Although you may not realize it, phone sex and sexting are your opportunities to learn more about each other as lovers.

See, sexting takes a lot more than just sending each other explicit pictures. There’s a certain firery discourse that occurs in between each invaluable nudie. And in a mature, grown up world, the conversation should flow beyond simple suggestive emojis or basic responses like:

  • “That’s hot.”
  • “Damn baby, that’s thicc.”
  • “I’d tap that.”
  • “Yummy.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with those responses, but you owe it to your other half to expand a bit more.

  • What is hot and why is it hot?
  • Okay, you’ve acknowledged the juicy booty, but what would you do to make that thicc ass move?
  • Similarly, how would you tap that?
  • Yummy implies you find something about the picture appetizing — so explain how you’re going to satiate that craving! Are you gonna lick up that good ol’ grundle or those flapperoonies?!

Context is vital. Sexting is not the time to leave the hot deets to the imagination!

Take this educational opportunity to grill your lover a bit. What are their kinks? Do they have any preferred pet names? Are they a sub? A dom? A little bit of both?

Having these conversations will increase the quality of your online lovin’. Furthermore, virtual sex is your chance to go on a test drive before you take that baby for a spin IRL.

By the time you can physically fornicate, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of how to make each other tick without any awkward in-person trial and error!

Get Even Spicier

Once you’ve established each other’s turn ons, turn your sexting up a notch by treating each other to some sex toys.

While these are great for phone-based partner play, there are also toys that are specifically designed for long distance couples.

For example, the clone a cock and pussy kits! These allow you to feel each other when you can’t feel each other skin-to-skin (or latex to skin).

There are also app-based vibrators, cock rings, and vibrating panties that allow your lover to pleasure you with the press of a button.

In Conclusion

There’s no reason to be down about your LDR simply because you can’t go down on each other right now. This is a time for both of you to shine in your independence, become better communicators, boost your creativity, and explore your wildest fantasies.

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Be alone together and be risqué together!

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