Separation Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

While the transition from kisses to kissing emojis is heart wrenching, distance isn’t the demise of your relationship.

By now, many of us have faced unprecedented shifts due to social distancing. But this isn’t a new phenomenon by any means.

Historically, star-crossed lovers had been separated by war drafts. A more modern picture that hits close to home is having to part ways due to college or work.

Jim and Pam experiencing technical difficulties during their long-distance relationship period in The Office

Historically, our grandparents and many others for generations before them relied on love letters to keep the spark alive. Now, we’re more connected than ever thanks to the internet.

Yet even now, going the distance is strenuous. Your schedule’s don’t always line up for FaceTiming each other, your texts don’t always go through, you might miss a meme your significant other sent through Snapchat or Instagram.

Worst of all, it’s very easy to misinterpret or read too heavily into a text message.

The trials and tribulations of instant messaging are akin to throwing shit at a wall and hoping to God that at least a particle of poo sticks.

But none of that matters. These hardships (although our ancestors would scoff at us calling them ‘hardships’) foster a nourishing growth period for you as lovers and as individuals.

Words are all you have when you’re separated, so it’s inevitable you’ll both develop far stronger communication skills than you had prior.

When you finally are reunited, the feeling that comes over you is inexplicable. Sparks don’t just fly, they fucking soar. Hell, that phrase doesn’t do it any justice. No phrase does, really. It’s purely an emotional experience. It’s pure love.

Perhaps, a pure love you haven’t experienced since the honeymoon phase. A pure love you forgot even existed. It’s personally rejuvenating and it revitalizes your relationship.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, hold on. And, while it’s not entirely social distancing friendly, if you can see each other safely on the weekends, don’t pass up the opportunity.

The weekdays feel like eons at first but eventually begin to shorten. Your time together feels infinite in that very moment, even if it’s just for a day or two. There’s an ephemeral beauty to it.

Separation is not the severance of love. Far from it. Separation makes the heart grow fonder, and ultimately, shapes you into a better lover.

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