Two Sides of the Same Piece

Just because she’s your side piece doesn’t mean she can’t make peace with your main piece.

Be it as it may, the partner you’ve cheated on and the partner you’ve cheated with aren’t inherent rivals. Especially if you’ve double-crossed both of them with your double-dong dicking off.

By the end of the night, you might awake to a “nightmare scenario” where both partners have teamed up to crack down and sleuth out the truth from under your ass. Then what?

All’s Fair in Love and War

You thought you could cheat, love? You really thought you could cheat love. Think again, buckaroo. You might be fuckaroo’d.

See, there are a plethora of punches your partner(s) could pull once you’ve been caught cum-handed. Some knee jerk reactions to cheating include:

  • Exposing you for the filthy fuck you are publicly, online or offline
  • Tossing out all your shit, holding a bonfire to burn your belongings, pawning your possessions, etc…
  • Putting a tracker on your car or phone, with or without your knowledge
  • Contacting the potential people you’ve cheated with
  • Finding the side piece to make peace — and eventually — weedle out the truth

The explosive energy that reverberates once two sides of the same piece have come together is a real nukey-dukey. And it may very well be a shitty situation that you find yourself clogged in.

It Takes Three Creases to Make a Centerfold

Pull out and see it takes three creases to make a centerfold — and you’re the portion sandwiched between two sides of the same page.

You are surrounded; both partners know of each other and they can bond over their unique experiences with your outlandish, seemingly inexplicable behavior.

All those nights you didn’t come home and your spouse wondered, Where are they? All those times you bolted out the door without after sex cuddles and your extracurricular lover wondered, Why are they in such a rush?

It’ll finally all make sense once they divulge both halves of their story. And there’s nothing you can say at that point to come back from it, nor is there anything you can do to control what they do with their newfound perspectives.

Not only do you have to deal with the reaction of your spouse, now you have to mitigate the burning diarrhea of the other ass you’ve been tapping. How are you going to wipe that shit up?

  • All the cards in the world won’t gain you any sympathy
  • Spam contacting defensively is a sure-fire way to get ghosted or blocked
  • The more side fucks involved, the faster word will spread. How are you supposed to find someone new once everyone already knows?

Here at Chic Sex Shop, we sexperts typically strive to stroke out the best advice we can cum up with. But in the case of cheating, there’s really not much you can do to redeem yourself.

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How your story progresses as the plot thickens depends largely on the specifics of your rising action: what you did and why you did it.

Your cast also plays a major role in driving the plot from here on out: how many partners are involved and what kind of characters are they? Are they lawful goods? Chaotic neutrals? Lawful evils?

If you’re going to dig yourself into a deep, dark hole, you best believe it’s imperative to take a flashlight and some rope with you.

Likewise, if you’re going to peg a deep, dark hole, you best believe it’s vital to wear protection and use ample lube to wiggle your way out. Maybe next time you’ll settle for the safety and reliability of a fleshlight instead.

In Conclusion

Get ready for a showdown after you go down on someone else. It won’t be easy or pretty, but that’s what you’ll get for stooping to something so petty as to cheat.

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After all, it’s not cheating if she’s not real, right?

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