What to Do When Your Neighbors Can Hear You Doing It

Every apartment building has at least one couple who everyone can hear doing it. And if you don’t have a neighbor that you can hear having sex through the walls, chances are you’re the loud neighbor everyone can hear.

Ah, orgasming. Like pooping, everyone does it (well, almost everyone) — but some just do it on a more regular basis.

Whether you’re indulging in partner or solo-pay, sometimes you can’t help but moan in synchrony with the goosebumps dancing along your body.

Hey, it happens and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, either. In fact, your partner is probably turned on by your moaning because it’s a surefire sign that you’re truly enjoying the heat of the moment.

On the other hand, your apartment neighbors probably don’t appreciate hearing your shrill shrieks of thrill on a cheap, squeaky mattress.

So, what should you do if your neighbors can hear you doing it?

Laugh it Off

Never beat yourself up for having a good time. If you’ve accidentally let out a loud moan or sexy sigh, simply laugh it off and keep stroking that pussy (or penis).

Invest in a Better Bed

If your sex life is more action-packed than a Tom Cruise movie, then you ought to invest in a better mattress and bed frame.

Memory foam mattresses are great for supporting your back and supporting your active sex life. Gone are the days of springs poking at your spine as you peg.

Instead, the mattress absorbs the pressure of you and your partner bumping uglies and hugs you as your genitals hug each other.

A high-quality bed frame should make little to no noise as you pound one another — especially if it’s paired with a memory foam mattress. If your bed frame is moving, squeaking, or creaking, it’s time to get a new one.

Turn Up the Volume

Although having a playlist of sultry songs is basically a dead giveaway that you’re getting it on, it’s still better than your neighbors actually hearing you fornicate, right?

For something a bit more discrete — but just as effective — you could turn on the TV and turn up the volume to drown out the sound of your pounds.

Have a Safe Word

Unless your partner’s a sub, they probably don’t like being told to “shut up” or “shh” while they’re all hot and bothered. Worse, it might even make them feel self-conscious.

Instead, you could have a safe word that signals it might be time to quiet down a bit. This is more polite and more discrete than your neighbors having to hear “AHH AHH” “SHUT UP!” “ahhAHhhhhahh…h…s-so-ssorry!”

Your safe word should be a two-way street — if you feel comfortable throwing it around willy nilly when they need to quiet down, then you should expect them to use the safe word when they want you to quiet down, too.

Take a Page Out of BDSM’s Book

Listen, while the crack of a whip may be a little too loud, you can still take a page out of the BDSM book and give bondage a try.

With your partner’s consent, you could muffle their orgasm opera with a cloth rag over or a ball gag over their mouth!

In Conclusion

Loud sex is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can wrongfully feel shameful when you know your neighbors can hear you.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let it stop you from enjoying sex or masturbating. Instead, just laugh it off, invest in a better bed, have a safe word, or tie each other’s mouths up.

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