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What to Do When Your Partner Wants to Publish Your Nudes

They say it takes two to tango, but what happens when that tango suddenly becomes a conga line?

Picture this: you’ve just taken a bomb-ass photo of your forbidden fruit. It’s lookin’ juicy, ripe, and it has your partner SALIVATING.

Whiplashed by their own excitement, your partner tells you they want to publish these sacred, kinky photos online for the whole wide web to gaze upon.

Woah-woah-woah, wait a minute… These photos that were made for just two sets of eyes to see are suddenly on the table for millions to click upon?

Isn’t this the exact type of scenario movies like “Sex Tape” warns us not to fuck with?

What to Do When Your Partner Wants to Publish Your Nudes

Take Time to Reflect

Before making any hasty decisions, let your partner know you need a moment to think about their request and make it very clear they’re not to publish anything until you’ve had time to reflect.

Your thoughts, feelings, and concerns take top priority here. After all, it’s your body and your photos.

Ask yourself the following before moving forward:

  • Do you feel comfortable having your bare ass/pussy/tits/vagina/penis on the internet for all to see — for FREE!?
  • How compromising are these photos? Is it just a photo set of your ass, or are you doing something a bit more lewd or taboo in them (i.e. shoving a raw cucumber up there, bumpy skin intact and all with no rubber)?
  • Could these photos come back to bite you in the ass later? What if it came up during a job interview or while running for a major political position?
  • Could these photos get you in legal trouble?
  • How would you feel if your friends or family encountered these photos while trying to build their spank bank collection?

Consider the Risks and Implications

The culture surrounding sexuality and nudity is changing. In some cases, people freely show their skin on family-friendly social media apps under the context of “#bodypositivity.”

Thanks to the internet, we’re seeing more ass and titties than ever before — all for free, and often in unwarranted circumstances.

Nowadays, nudes and sex tape scandals are a dime a dozen. Unlike previous decades, where Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian made national headlines for their leaked footage, nobody really seems to care anymore.

Nevertheless, having your nudes thrown about on the internet all willy-nilly doesn’t come without its risks.

Everyone may have an ass, but someone might be able to pick your ass out of a lineup quite easily if you have any unique, identifiable marks or scars.

Even if you crop out your face and photoshops those unique identifiers away, there’s still a matter of the unique shape of your behind or other environmental giveaways.

For example, John Smith could see your nudes online and go, “Wait a minute, I know that bedsheet and furniture set! That’s Mary Jane’s bare ass on my screen!”

Having your full-spread on open display for all of the public to see puts you in a vulnerable position, regardless of how open sexual culture becomes.

Know Your Rights

Your nudes are your intellectual property, and you are entitled to copyright them, according to Mel Magazine.

“There are many reasons you’d want to do this, but the juiciest is that registering your nudes for copyright makes it so that if someone takes them from you, distributes them without your permission or claims wrongful ownership of them, you can sue them for a shit ton of money, and you can win,” their article explains.

Furthermore, if your partner distributes your nudes without your consent, it’s viewed in the eyes of the law as “revenge porn.”

This is considered a form of cyberbullying and it’s outlawed in 41 states as well as Washington D.C.

The penalties for revenge porn vary by state but often include a fine of a few thousand dollars and up to five years in prison.

In some states, revenge porn is a misdemeanor; in other states, it’s a felony — which is the most serious type of crime.

Whether you decide to move forward with publishing your sacred, naked photos online or not, you should familiarize yourself with the laws pertaining to nudes in your state.

How Would You Benefit From Having Your Nudes Online?

Nudity has been an integral part of art for centuries — just think about all of the naked statues you’ve seen in museums and art galleries throughout your life.

If your nudes showcase your creativity and artistic talent, perhaps they are something you’d like to show off. And that’s perfectly fine.

But if they’re more intimate or personal, not taken with the intention for millions to see whenever they please, they might not be something you want to display. And that’s perfectly fine, too.

So ask yourself — how would you benefit from having your nudes shared online? Would you share them on a platform like OnlyFans, which would allow you to reap some financial benefit?

Or would they be posted simply to post them? Would your nudes just be taking up digital space in an already oversaturated, pornographic world wide web?

In other words — do the pros outweigh the cons, and how do you feel about the cons?

Talk it Out With Your Partner

After taking ample time to reflect, share your feelings with your partner. Let them know of any potential concerns you have.

Listen to their side of the story, too — but don’t let it persuade you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. Again, it’s your nudes, your body, and your intellectual property.

In Conclusion

In the digital era, it’s normal to want to show off your life online. Even the simplest of daily accomplishments, such as cooking a beautiful meal, find their way on our social media profiles for all to see simply because we humans are very proud and crave constant attention.

Naturally, it’s normal for your partner to get aroused and feel proud of the ass they get to tap. That same pride that makes them want to share photos of their food online also makes them want to show your naked body off online.

However, it’s your body. Nobody else has the right to dictate what you do with it or who gets to see it.

If your partner tells you they want to publish your nudes on an XXX website, take a step back to think about your feelings and the potential implications of such an action.

After thinking long and hard, talk to your partner about it. If you decide that publishing your nudes is for you — great! If you decide it doesn’t quite tickle your peaches or your pickle, that’s great too!

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