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Why Dogecoin is SEXY!

Wow. Very sexy. Much value. So buy.

Somewhere amidst the height of the Gamestop Stock Trading Frenzy, a seemingly humble cryptocurrency’s value leaped up over 216 percent in the blink of an eye.

Why? Because this crypto is anything but humble: Dogecoin is SEXY.

The History of Dogecoin: Its Orgasmic Origins

During the early rise of the “frenzied public interest” in crypto, Dogecoin was created by Portland programmer Billy Markus and “made into reality” by Australian Adobe Systems’ marketing associate Jackson Palmer, says a discussion article in the SSRN Electronic Journal.

Dogecoin’s HUMOR is HOT

Markus desired to create a “fun cryptocurrency” that cultivated a leisurely user experience.

Playing off the wholesome “doge meme” of a Shiba Inu that took platforms like Tumblr and Reddit by storm in 2013, Dogecoin’s image truly captured that lighthearted, semi-satirical, innocent identity.

Dogecoin is WHOLESOME

Dogecoin officially launched on Dec. 6, 2013, with a total supply limit of 100 billion Dogecoins, but later became an infinite supply coin.

At the time, “People threw it around like it was change because it wasn’t worth anything,” Palmer said to the New York Times in a 2017 interview.

The SSRN Electronic Journal article also touches upon Dogecoin’s very earnest beginnings. There was initially a whole online community surrounding this crypto, and it was used to “tip” others for posting interesting content.

It was essentially the niche community’s way of “liking” one another’s content.

The Dogecoin community also became notorious for their charitable acts, including raising money to build wells in developing countries on World Water Day.

The overall view of Dogecoin was delightfully positive, both in terms of its monetary value and community sentiment.

“Many members of the Dogecoin community, as well as members of other cryptocurrency communities, use the phrase ‘To the moon!’ to describe the overall sentiment of the coin’s rising value,” the article adds.

Thanks to crowdfunding, physical gold Dogecoins were even scheduled to ride a United Launch Alliance rocket to the moon in 2019.


… But evidence of its actual landing is scarce on the internet. And this tweet from the President and CEO of the ULA just makes it even more confusing:

Is he joking? Is he serious? Is Dogecoin actually on the moon? Very confuse. Much mystery.

Though, what’s perhaps even more confusing, is this Tweet from Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company co-founder and leader Elon Musk:


It hasn’t always been peaches and creaming for this sweet, loyal little coin. Dogecoin has been through some shit, and y’know what? We love a good backstory. It builds character.

Dogecoin’s value skyrocketed — “to the moon!” if you will — by over 300 percent in 72 hours on Dec. 19, 2013… Only to crash back into the atmosphere by a reduction of 80 percent in three days.

As hackers continued to exploit Dogecoin for how simple it is to mine, governments started to take notice. On Dec. 24, 2013, The Reserve Bank of India cautioned cryptocurrency users on the risk associated with Dogecoin and similar cryptos.

The first major theft attempt of Dogecoin happened just around then, too.

“Millions of coins were stolen during a hacking attempt on the online cryptocurrency wallet platform Dogecoin,” the SSRN Electronic Journal article explains.

Panic erupted across Twitter and quickly thrust Dogecoin into the spotlight, making it one of the most discussed “altcoins” on the platform at the time.

But the Dogecoin community refused to bend over and get brutally pounded by these hackers.

Dogecoin Knows How to REBOUND RIGHT

Instead, the community came together for the “SaveDogemas” initiative to help donate coins to those who lost them during the hack.

Those whose wallets had been compromised recouped their losses within a month, all thanks to the power of positivity.

By that following New Year (2014), the trading volume of Dogecoin briefly surpassed that of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies combined.

Dogecoin had a market capitalization of $13.5 million (USD) in 2015, though Palmer announced he was taking an “extended leave of absence” from the crypto community that year, as well.

What Makes Dogecoin SEXY in 2021

Dogecoin Has a Beautiful Backstory

Unlike other cryptocurrency ventures, Dogecoin started with pure intentions from its very inception.

Even as other people tried to SHIT ON THEIR HAPPINESS, the community came together to wipe each other off and flush away the aftermath of the hacking.

When you buy Dogecoin, you’re afforded the luxury of knowing who the creators are and why they started the coin.

Your investment rests on a positive foundation.

ANYONE Can Own Dogecoin

At roughly five cents per coin, everyone has the opportunity to buy low and sell high. The value only has to go to a dollar for you to see large gains — and if it goes to $10?

Oh, honey. If it goes to $10, then it’s time for you to go on a Chic Sex Shop shopping spree!

This is in stark contrast with other cryptocurrencies and stocks, which are overpriced and cater to a shady, “elitist” crowd.

Dogecoin Has Limitless Potential

As an infinite coin, Dogecoin’s potential is quite literally “to the moon” and beyond. The crypto can just keep growing and growing and growing exponentially, with no cap.

And if its trading volume had once passed that of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies combined, who’s to say that can’t happen again?

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