Why Sustainability is SEXY

A new trend has taken hold of the dating realm: “the green mate appeal.” According to a study published in Psychology & Marketing earlier this year, eco-conscious behavior hints to an altruistic nature and high commitment — “both as a partner and a father” (or parent).

Who would’ve thought the line, “Thanks, I thrifted it,” would be enough to get panties and boxers dropping all throughout the bar?

“Based on evidence showing that these traits are sought in a long‐term partner, we predict that men can increase their value as long‐term mates by engaging in green consumption,” the study adds.

While this research specifically looked at the “green appeal” of men, a similar mentality could be applied all the way around. And it makes sense.

Let’s Get Into the Statistics

A Pew Research Poll earlier this year revealed how environmental awareness has rapidly increased among Americans in the last few decades.

Now more than ever, Americans support:

  • Protecting the environment as a top concern (64%)
  • Dealing with global climate change as a top concern (52%)
  • Stricter environmental regulations, stating they’re “worth the cost” (63%)

Additionally, 62 percent of Americans acknowledge climate change has affected their local community “a great deal” or “some.”

However, there are two main-factors driving divides in Americans’ stances on climate change: political party and age. Democrats, adults, and young adults are more likely to view climate change as the result of human activity that may be corrected.

Whereas republicans and Baby Boomers have opposing views.

In some ways, being environmentally-friendly could extend beyond a test of character — it could also reflect shared values and views between you and a potential partner.

The Eco-Gender Gap

“Although a similar proportion of men and women think global warming is happening and is human-caused, women consistently have higher risk perceptions that global warming will harm them personally, and will harm people in the U.S., plants and animals, and future generations of people,” says an article by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Similarly, UK-based market research firm Mintel found 71 percent of women try to live more ethically, compared to 59 percent of men:

  • Recycling: 77% of women v.s. 67% of men
  • Trying to use less water: 38% of women v.s. 30% of men
  • Turning down/off the heat while out of the house: 64% of women v.s. 58% of men

How to Be More Eco-Friendly (and Thus Sexy)

Leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to entail radical change. Regardless of your gender, age, or political beliefs, it’s actually quite simple.

While these few tips will save you money without sparing too much extra time or thought, they’ll also earn you some brownie points among the lads and ladies.

Although it may seem a bit silly to boost your sustainability simply to allude more sexiness, it’s still far less shameful than letting this planet go to waste and knowing you did nothing to try to save it.

10 Quick and Easy Tips for Eco-Living

  1. Turn offs are turn ons: Turn off the light when you’re not in a room, turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, and make sure everything is off before you leave your humble abode!
  2. Bag your baggies: Eliminate your plastic waste by opting for reusable containers over single-use plastic bags as much as you can.
  3. Cut back on your food waste: Listen, we all have a few snacks in our cabinets that end up sitting there, untouched, unloved, and uneaten. If you notice the expiration date is coming up in a month or two and you still haven’t touched the good grubbin’, donate it to a local food bank!
  4. Recycle as much as possible: In addition to recycling plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard, reuse these materials in your projects as much as possible.
  5. Opt for LED lightbulbs: Not only do these last longer, they work more efficiently, too!
  6. Insulate your home: Properly insulating your home will keep heat (or A.C.) from escaping. Thus, you’ll have to run your units less often, simultaneously saving you money, reducing carbon emissions, and keeping you more comfy!
  7. Shop local: Purchasing locally-made goods boosts the economy in your area and reduces the emissions released during shipping.
  8. Sharing is caring: For example, swapping books with friends over purchasing new ones means one less book had to be produced, reducing paper usage and emissions released during production.
  9. Travel mindfully: If you can walk somewhere, walk. If you can car pool or take public transportation, do it. That’s one less vehicle on the road.
  10. Eat less meat: You don’t have to commit to a vegan lifestyle, but if you can go meat-free for at least one day (or one meal per day) each week, you’re doing your small part to save the planet. After all, cattle are the leading agricultural source of greenhouse gasses worldwide.

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